Hi there. I'm Dave Eisinger, a graphic designer specializing in print, layout, and advertising design. I do this because I like making beauty happen on paper. 

I'm currently a full-time graphic artist for Herff Jones, where I supervise a team of artists that work on marketing collateral: flyers, posters, banners, brochures, postcards, you name it. 

Before that I worked for the Gannett Imaging and Ad Design Center in Indianapolis, and regularly churned out about 130-200 newspaper and magazine ads per week for them, which went to print in Gannett-owned media across the country. 

This is my personal extension of that work, putting the skills I've accumulated to good use in making beautiful things. My services are on offer to both individuals or business clients at negotiated rates. 

Those services include the design of anything intended for print, whether that's a logo, newspaper ad, marketing brochure, entire print layout, creatively-designed article in a glossy publication, or business stationary; it could be a wedding invitation, graduation announcement, or event program; a flyer, banner, or graphic art piece. My portfolio can be found via the Projects tab above, or as a PDF on request (or in person - I'd love to meet and discuss your project). 

I care about making gorgeous design that makes a statement, that is bold, aesthetically pleasing, and furthers your brand or message. That catches the eye. Gets stuck in your memory. 

To commission a project or just start a discussion, you can contact me through email (hit the contact tab up above, or send a message to dave@eisinger.design), or reach out to me via Facebook, Twitter, or Behance. I would love to collaborate with you on your next idea.